Paddling in Paddler’s Paradise – Dal Lake, India

Once we settles in our boat house, I unpacked my ISUP, inflated the board and fixed the fins, paddle and the Sports HD camera on the board.  After enquiring around  regarding the depth, local shikras intervention,  how safe it is to paddle around, I found out that to my relief, locals have no issue for outsiders to paddle in the lake.

After acquiring confirmation, I secured the board to my leg with the help of a leash and launched myself on board and started paddling. The water was cold, glassy and clear. So clear that I could see the green weeds underneath the water. Soumen, was capturing the paddling moments from the boat house verandah. Due to the evening mist, I was unable to see my starting point clearly after a few hundred meters of paddling. I paddled towards north of the lake where the water fountains