Camping Rental

Camping rental @ Mangrove Bay Camp

For Bookings, Contact: +91-99710 91541 / +91-9042296422

Highlights of this program

– A major part of the event fee is utilised for the restoration of Lake Ecosystem Programs
– Engage urban citizens in understanding water and their relationship with it.
– Overcome the fear of water
– Explore water bodies like never before, get closer to nature than you have ever been!
– 100% Natural Environment & Experience!
– Redefining things to do in Ind

Who are we?

Paddle for Future is a team of water-sports instructors, environmentalists, fitness experts. Our organization’s concept is to establish a personal connection with the environment and secondly to take up the activities needed for sustaining the water bodies. Our team is certified by the International Surfing Association and certified Wilderness First Responder by NOLS, Wyoming, USA.

Our team has also been actively conducting Discover Geology sessions and giving talks on the conservation of water bodies.